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  • Navigating the New Plivo Console

    This video will walk you through the new and improved Plivo Console, so you can understand what’s changed, and know where to locate some of the key functionalities for your day-to-day operations.


  • Plivo Security Best Practices

    Looking to keep your account secure? Follow these recommended best practices to make sure your information stays safe.

    Plivo console security (for

    1. Choose a strong password that includes at least 8 characters: upper case, lower case, special character(s) and number(s). 
    2. Enable two-factor authentication on your Plivo account (learn more by clicking here).
    3. Leverage role-based access controls when adding new users to the account (learn more by clicking here). 
    4. Do not use a group email when registering a new account. We strongly recommend using an individual email for your Plivo account sign-up.
    5. Use an email that is monitored regularly so that you receive alerts or security notifications in a timely manner.
    6. Similar to your username and password, Auth ID and Auth Tokens are required to trigger SMS/calls. Auth Tokens should be treated as highly confidential and should not be published on open source platforms like GitHub. 

    SMS Security

    1. Enable “Geo Permission” under SMS -> Settings -> Geo Permissions to whitelist countries where your users will receive SMS notifications from you.
    2. Enable “View Content Authorization” under SMS -> Settings -> View Content Authorization to authorize the Plivo Customer Success team to view your SMS content, help you debug, and detect any fraud activity more effectively.
    3. Always redact incoming messages when creating a new application. Go to SMS -> Application -> Add new application -> Redact incoming messages when making API requests to Plivo SMS.

    Voice Security

    1. Enable “Geo Permission” under Voice -> Settings -> Geo Permissions to whitelist countries where your users will receive voice calls from you.

    Zentrunk Security

    1. When creating a password for your trunk, choose a strong password with complexity: at least 8 characters, upper case, lower case, special characters, and numbers. 
    2. Only whitelist the IPs from your PBX and be sure to update these IPs when the PBX IPs are changed.
  • Where do I find pricing by country?

    Pricing for Plivo products varies by country. Check our rates as broken down by country in your Plivo console

    For pricing of inbound and outbound calls, click on "Pricing" under voice API pricing.


    You may either select the country from the drop-down menu or download a .csv file listing the inbound/outbound call rates for each country.


    Check inbound/outbound messaging prices by country under “SMS API pricing”. You can check the exact price depending on the prefix of the destination number for outbound messages.

    Note: You can check Plivo pricing using our API. Filter by attributes like country, country_code or country_iso.

  • How do I close my Plivo account?

    If you wish to discontinue using Plivo’s services and close your account, you can do so from the Plivo console by taking the following steps. Please note that a Plivo account may only be closed by the owner of the account. 

    Navigate to the “Account Settings” section on the Plivo Console and click “Close Account”.Screen_Shot_2020-05-20_at_7.38.26_PM.png
    When you click on “Close Account”, a pop-up will prompt you to enter your Plivo account credentials. This is to confirm that the account closure request is authorized.


    Note: This process is irreversible. Once your Plivo account is closed, the following actions are taken:

    • All applications, phone numbers, endpoints, and logs are permanently deleted.
    • Credits remaining in the account will be refunded back to your card within 20 business days.
    • Credits in trial accounts will not be refunded.
    • Users invited to manage the account will not be able to access the closed account anymore.

    Once a Plivo account is closed, the user will no longer be able to sign up using the same email and phone number associated with a closed Plivo account. The user will require a different email and a phone number to create a new Plivo account.

    Note: Plivo is legally required to retain all identifying information and proof of address provided by customers, including email and phone number information, even after the account is closed. 

  • How do I change my password?

    Change the password to your Plivo account from the Plivo Console. Head to the Security tab under your account profile. Enter your old password for authentication. Once the authentication is complete, you will be prompted to create a new password.


    If you’ve forgotten your password and unable to log in to your Plivo account, please click on “Forgot Password?” on the console login page. This will trigger an email to be sent to your registered email address. Click on the link provided in the email to enter a new password and log in.


  • How do I change my email address?

    It is important to make sure your email is updated in your Plivo account. Plivo uses the email associated with your account to send important updates and notifications.

    To update the email associated with your Plivo account, please follow these steps. 

    1. Log in to your Plivo account.
    2. From the accounts menu, go to “Settings.” 
    3. On the Accounts page, click the “User Profile” tab under User Settings.
    4. Click "Update Email" and enter the new email address.Screen_Shot_2020-06-09_at_1.52.10_PM.pngScreen_Shot_2020-06-09_at_1.52.29_PM.png
    5. If there are no errors in the email address, you will be prompted to authenticate your accountScreen_Shot_2020-06-09_at_1.52.49_PM.png
    6. Once the account is authenticated, a one-time password will be sent to your email address.
    7. Go to your inbox to receive the OTP.  Screen_Shot_2020-06-09_at_2.10.32_PM.png
    8. Enter the OTP to complete the email confirmation. Once validated, your email address will be updated. 

    Note: The email can only be changed by the owner of the account.

  • How do I enable two-factor authentication?

    Follow these steps to enable two-factor authentication on your Plivo account. 

    1. Login to
    2. From the accounts menu, go to “Settings.” 
    3. On the Accounts page, click the “Security” tab under User Settings.
    4. Toggle the button to "Enabled"Screen_Shot_2020-04-01_at_4.05.30_PM.png

    Please note: 

    • The OTP will only be valid for two minutes. 
    • Make sure you enter the correct OTP before it expires.
    • If the OTP expires, or if you did not receive the OTP, verify your phone number and then click Try again.
  • Can I change the number for Two-Factor Authentication?

    Yes. To change the number for two-factor authentication, make sure you have access to both your old and new phone numbers. Then, follow these steps.

    1. Login to (Note: Use the one-time password sent to your old phone number if you have enabled two-factor authentication.) 
    2. From your account menu, click “Settings”.
    3. On the Accounts page, click the “Security” tab under User Settings.


         4. Click on "Change Your Number" and update your phone number, and toggle the button to                               "Enabled".


         5. You will receive an SMS message to your new number that includes a six-digit verification OTP.

    Please note: 

    • The OTP will only be valid for two minutes. 
    • Make sure you enter the correct OTP before it expires.
    • If the OTP expires, or if you did not receive the OTP, verify your phone number and then click Try again.
  • Quick Guide to Your Auth ID, Auth Token, and How to Change Them

    Plivo uses the following credentials to determine the account from which an API request is triggered: 

    • AUTH ID: acts as your username
    • AUTH Token: acts as your password

    If another user gets access to your AUTH ID and AUTH Token, then he or she will be able to use your Plivo API. That means they can make calls or send messages to any destination. Make sure your Auth ID and Auth Token are kept private at all times and not shared with any third party.

    Where can I find my Auth ID and Auth Token?

    You can find your Auth ID and Auth Token under the account settings tab on the Plivo Dashboard


    How do I change my Auth Token?

    The Auth ID of any Plivo account cannot be changed. However, the Auth Token can be changed by clicking here and choosing either of the two options listed.

    Screen_Shot_2020-05-20_at_7.24.40_PM.pngA new Auth Token will be generated that can be used as a password to authenticate your API requests.

    If you suspect your Plivo account has been compromised, and see that there are charges that do not reflect your usage, immediately change your Auth Token as well as your Plivo account password. Set up Two Factor Authentication for increased security by clicking here. Learn more about our account services in the Plivo Document Library.

  • How to Create an Account?

    When you sign up with Plivo, you will be given a free account trial to try our platform risk-free. This trial account is equipped with free credits for testing and using our services. To start, purchase a number using the Plivo console. Once we have a number and credits in the account, you will be able to start testing Plivo's voice and SMS APIs.

    Register here to get your free Plivo account today. Then, follow these steps to successfully complete the sign up for your free trial account.

    1. Sign up with your corporate email address
    2. Check your inbox for the activation email from Plivo. Click on the link included in the email to activate your account.
    3. Enter an SMS-enabled, a non-VOIP number to complete the phone verification.

    Sign up with your corporate email address



    Plivo has certain security protocols in place that tend to flag sign-ups made from a public domain email address, such as @gmail, @hotmail, etc. For this reason, we recommend that all our customers sign up using a corporate domain email address.

    If you face any issues while signing up, please reach out to our Support Team for assistance.

    Activate your email address

    Check your inbox for an activation email sent from Plivo to confirm your trial account. This email contains a link; click on that link to successfully enable your account. The account will remain inactive until the link is clicked. 

    Check your Spam or Trash folder if you do not receive an email. Check your firewall settings to make sure your inbox does not block emails from Plivo.

    Didn't receive the email yet? Please reach out to our Support Team for assistance.

    Verify your phone number

    To complete signup, you must enter a valid, SMS-enabled, non-VOIP number to pass the phone verification step. Enter a valid number and avoid adding any spaces or a hyphen between digits.


    The Plivo account creation process is incomplete without verifying a phone number –  this is a mandatory security step. If you have entered a valid number, and are unable to receive a code from Plivo via text message, you can select the option to receive a code via phone call. If both options fail after multiple attempts, please reach out to our Support Team.

    You must complete these three steps to successfully register your free trial account. After registering, feel free to use the account to test our Voice and SMS services. 

    To upgrade your account to Standard, and overcome the limitations of a Plivo free trial account, click here. Learn more about our services in the Plivo Document Library.

  • How to Create a Support Ticket?

    To create a support ticket with Plivo, start by navigating to the Plivo homepage and clicking on “Create New Ticket”.


    This will bring you to a page which will ask for the following details:

    • Requester's email address 
    • A subject line describing your query/issue 
    • Category of the query (to be selected from a dropdown menu)
    • The priority of the ticket (to be selected)
    • A description of the query/issue 


    Click on “Submit” to create a ticket with our Support Team. A member of our team will investigate your request and reach out as soon as possible. 

    You may check the status of a previous ticket from the homepage by clicking on "Check Ticket Status".