Does Plivo support SSO authentication?

Plivo supports user authentication using single sign-on (SSO) managed by your company’s preferred identity provider (currently in private beta). You can enable SSO through any identity provider (IDP) that supports SAML.

Once you configure SSO for a domain, you can use Plivo’s Team feature to ensure that users authenticate using SSO.

To configure SSO on your account, follow these steps.

  1. Click on the Account icon at the bottom of the navigation menu, then Settings > Security.
  2. In the Configure SSO widget, click Configure. You'll be redirected to an SSO configuration guide with a list of supported IDPs.
  3. Select your preferred IDP and click Get Started, then follow the instructions on the configuration guide screens.

Once you’ve completed the process and reviewed the connection, click Back to Plivo in the top left corner to return to the console. The Configure SSO widget should then indicate an Active status.


If you exit from configuration before completing the steps, you can resume the process by clicking the Resume button.


Only email addresses with the domain configured for SSO will be authenticated with SSO. If an invited user’s email address contains a domain that is not configured for SSO, the user will be asked to provide a password.

You can delete an SSO connection by clicking Send Delete Request.

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