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Standard Account

  • What is a sub-account?

    A sub-account enables you to manage multiple users under one main account, rather than having to create multiple accounts.

    Sub-accounts are particularly helpful when you have multiple departments within your organization, allowing each department individual phone numbers and applications.

    Why use a sub-account

    • Sub-accounts allow you to create multiple individual phone numbers and applications with ease.
    • Sub-accounts do not need to be individually recharged as credits are deducted directly from the main account.
    • Each sub-account has a unique Auth ID and Auth Token to distinguish API requests.
    • Unique Sender IDs can be whitelisted for each sub-account.

    Note: Only one invoice is generated at the end of every month, as credits are deducted from the main account and not from every sub-account separately.

    Each sub-account can trigger messages and calls by making use of their unique Auth ID and Auth Token.

    How to create a sub-account

    A sub-account can be created in two ways

    1. Through the API
    2. Via your Plivo console.

    To create a sub-account through the console, go to your sub-accounts tab.

    Click on ADD NEW SUB-ACCOUNT and a pop-up will prompt you to enter the name of the sub-account. 

    Note: A sub-account can only be used if it is enabled first. 



    You can name a sub-account whatever you like. If you no longer need the sub-account, it can be deleted via the Plivo console.

    Note: A sub-account does not have separate log-in credentials. The credentials for each sub-account are different and can be found once you have logged into the Plivo account. 

  • Plivo Phone Number Charges

    Every phone number purchased through Plivo will incur a monthly recurring rental fee.

    There are two different types of fees involved for each phone number:

    • Set-up fee: a one-time fee that is deducted when a new phone number is purchased. This may not be applicable to all phone numbers.
    • Recurring charges: the monthly rental fee for the phone number.

    You can find both the recurring fee and set-up fee charges next to the phone number:


    Plivo phone numbers are classified via four categories:

    • Local
    • National
    • Mobile
    • Toll-Free

    Pilvo phone numbers are charged based on their classification and region. To find out more about pricing per region, go to the pricing tab in your Plivo account.

    You will be charged on the first of every month for all Pilvo phone numbers in your account.

    Note: recurring monthly rental fees are separate from usage charges.

  • How do I recharge my account?

    To recharge your Pilvo account, go to the Payments tab. 

    Please ensure you have added your credit card details in order to complete your recharge.

    $25 is the minimum amount you must add to recharge your account.

    If your account balance reaches zero, you will not be able to use Plivo’s API to make calls or send messages. However, your phone numbers will not be removed from the account right away.  

    Recharges can occur both manually and automatically:

    • Manually: go to the Payments tab and enter your recharge amount
    • Automatically: go to the Payments tab, and select AUTO RECHARGE. You will need to select both a minimum amount at which your account should recharge, as well as a recharge amount. When your account reaches the minimum amount specified, it will automatically recharge the selected amount.


    To learn more about how auto-recharge works, please click here.

  • How do I upgrade my account and add my credit card?

    Plivo offers a free trial to all new customers. The trial includes free credits that enable you to try Plivo voice calls and SMS capabilities for free. 

    To access the full Plivo standard offering, upgrade your account today with a minimum recharge of $25.

    Pilvo payment methods include:

    • Credit card / international debit card
    • Wire transfer

    Note: currently, we do not support PayPal

    Adding your credit card

    To add a new credit card to your Plivo account, please follow the steps below:

    1. Go to the Payment section on the Plivo dashboard and click on "Manage Payments" under the Preferences tab.
    2. Enter your credit card details and address.
    3. Click "Add New Card".


    Please ensure that your name and address match those used for your banking credentials.  Once the correct details are entered, your card will be added.