What is a subaccount?

Subaccounts let you manage multiple users and create multiple individual phone numbers and applications under one main account, rather than having to create multiple accounts.

Subaccounts are particularly helpful when you have multiple departments within your organization. They let you offer each department individual phone numbers and applications.

Subaccounts don't need to be individually recharged — credits are deducted directly from the main account, and only one invoice is generated at the end of every month.

Each subaccount can trigger messages and calls by making use of a unique Auth ID and Auth Token. You can also whitelist unique sender IDs for each subaccount.

How to create a subaccount

You can create a subaccount either via the Plivo console or through the API.

To create a subaccount through the console, visit Account > Subaccounts. Click Add New Subaccount to bring up a pop-up that prompts you to enter a subaccount name. You can name a subaccount whatever you like. You can set the subaccount status to enabled or disabled, but you can't use a subaccount unless it's enabled. 



If you no longer need a subaccount, you can delete it from the Subaccounts console page.

Note: Subaccounts don't have separate login credentials. The credentials for each subaccount are different and can be found once you have logged into the Plivo account. 

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