Does Plivo send balance notifications?

Plivo automatically sends an email notification to your registered email address whenever your account balance dips below $250, $100, and $10. You can add email addresses to receive these notifications on the Billing Information page of your account.

You can also configure up to three additional balance alerts for your preferred amounts using the Balance Alert feature on the Payment Settings page.

When your account balance goes below one of the three threshold amounts, we will notify you via email.

Balance alerts recommendations

If you have never set up balance alerts, the system is designed to set one of your alerts to an amount equal to the average daily usage of your account. The remaining two alerts will be set to $100 and $10.

These alerts will not override alert settings configured by the account owner. The Payment Settings widget will always provide you with a recommended value in the information callout (the blue box in the image above) to help you adjust your configuration as your usage increases over time.

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