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  • Can I pay by ACH debit?

    US customers can now recharge their accounts using the bank direct debits option in the billing section.

    Please note that ACH debit is only available if there is at least one credit card on file. 

    How does Plivo verify my bank account for ACH debit?

    Plivo performs a verification check by sending a micro-deposit of $0.01 to the customer’s bank account. The micro-deposit should be deposited to the account in 2-3 days. In case it does not happen, the customer can delete their account and re-attempt to add it.

    The deposit includes a code that starts with “SM” (for example, SMXXXX). To complete verification, the user will need to enter the four digits following “SM” in the Plivo console. 

    What happens if the verification attempts are unsuccessful?

    We limit verification attempts to a maximum of five. Users can track their remaining attempts through a counter displayed on the interface.

    If the final verification attempt is unsuccessful, the system will automatically remove the bank configuration from both the backend and the payment gateway.

    How do I know when my account is verified?

    On successful verification, the status flag is updated to VERIFIED and the scheduled bank direct debits option is available to the user instantly.

    Does Plivo store my bank details when I configure ACH debit?

    No, Plivo does not store your bank details. Only the last four digits of your account number are retained so users can identify the bank account.

    How many ACH bank accounts can I configure in my Plivo account?

    Plivo allows only one ACH bank account per Plivo account. If you wish to add a different account, you can click “Edit” and provide details for the new bank account.

    What is the processing time for ACH debit payments?

    The processing time for an ACH debit payment request is three to five business days. 

    How does a scheduled auto-debit work?

    Scheduled auto-debit allows you to make recurring ACH debit payments. Configure the settings in your Plivo console to give permission for a fixed amount to be automatically withdrawn from your bank account on a chosen date each month. Our system checks each day for scheduled payments; if it finds one, the payment is initiated.

    How many auto-debit schedules can I configure?

    You can configure up to five scheduled automatic payments for ACH bank debits.

    How can I skip a specific scheduled payment?

    Select “Skip next payment” to skip a specific, scheduled payment.” When the system detects that a scheduled debit is skipped, it will not process the auto-debit on the selected date. Please make note of  the date mentioned when you decide to skip the payment.

    What if I want to skip a schedule on the same date as the scheduled  payment? 

    If you wish to skip a schedule on the same date as the scheduled payment, it's recommended to cancel the payment request from the payment receipt page.

    Can I cancel an ACH payment while it's being processed?

    Yes, you have the option to cancel an ACH payment from the payment receipt page while it's being processed. 

    Can I request a refund for ACH payments?

    Yes, ACH payments can be refunded. Customers need to contact the Plivo support team with a legitimate cause to process the refund request.

    Can I dispute an ACH payment? 

    Yes, ACH payments can be disputed. In the event of a dispute, Plivo will automatically block your account and disallow any further payment attempts or usage of your account.  

    If I close my account and my remaining balance was originally paid by ACH, how will this be refunded?

    The pending balance will be refunded by the methods that are available in the system. Here’s an example: an account has a remaining balance of $200. The last ACH payment was $100, and the last credit card payment was $150 of which $50 was used up. Plivo will refund the full ACH amount and the remaining $100 to the credit card. 

    Is there a limit for ACH?

    Yes, ACH scheduled payments are limited to a minimum of $50 US and a maximum of $50,000 US for prepaid customers. As for postpaid customers, there’s a lower limit for $50 US and an upper limit of $999,999.99 US.

    Are there any fees or charges for ACH debit?

    No, there are no additional fees or charges for payments via ACH debit. 

    What happens if my balance is low but I don’t have an ACH debit scheduled soon?

    ACH debit is only available if there is at least one credit card on file. If the account does not have sufficient funds and auto-recharge is enabled for the card on file, an auto-recharge will be triggered using the credit card. More details about auto recharges can be found here. If auto recharge is not enabled and your balance reaches zero then your services will be disrupted.

  • How can I apply limits on my auto recharge payments?

    We provide an auto recharge feature to help you avoid service disruption because of a low account balance. Auto recharge uses your credit card to top up the account balance when it detects the balance going below a certain threshold amount. 

    You can control the spending on your credit cards by placing limits on auto recharges. You can configure up to three auto recharge payment limits for your preferred amounts using the Configure Auto Recharge Limits feature on the Payment Settings page.

    You can add a daily, weekly and monthly limit on payments executed using your credit cards. For every auto recharge attempt, the system will check whether the attempt breaches any of the payment limits.

    For instance, if the daily payment limit is $100 and the total successful payments for the day sum to $75, the next auto recharge attempt of $50 will be declined.

    If an auto recharge is declined due to payment limits, we’ll notify you of the reason for the decline in our transaction alert email.

    Please note: You may always make manual recharges, even above the auto recharge limit amounts. We consider both manual and auto recharge payments when we calculate whether an auto recharge attempt would breach any configured payment limits.

  • Why did I receive an email about a fair usage surcharge?

    When you sign up to use Plivo services, you agree to our terms and conditions. Under these terms, you need to maintain healthy calling trends based on some underlying metrics. Plivo monitors these metrics for you, and if your account breaches any thresholds, we alert you about this breach via your registered email address. At the end of each calendar month, if your account is still in breach of any thresholds, Plivo will levy a surcharge in your invoice. The surcharge is calculated at the end of the calendar month and added to your invoice.   




    Abandoned calls

    Less than 20% of call attempts

    $0.02 per call

    Average call duration

    Greater than 35 seconds

    $0.02 per minute

    Short duration calls

    Less than 10% of calls

    $0.015 per call

    Incomplete calls to toll-free numbers

    Less than 5% of call attempts

    $0.10 per call

  • What payment types does Plivo accept?

    We accept payment via credit card, wire transfer, or ACH debit (US only). We accept all major credit cards, including American Express, Visa, Mastercard, and Discover. We don't accept any other modes of payment (such as PayPal).

    Follow these instructions to add a credit card to your account.

    Contact our support team to pay via wire transfer and be ready to provide the following details.

    • Use case
    • Company details
    • Estimated monthly volume

    The minimum amount for a wire transfer is $1,000.

    Follow these instructions to pay by ACH debit. 


  • How does auto recharge work?

    If you've enabled auto recharge and your account balance drops below the threshold value you've set, Plivo will charge to the credit card associated with your account the recharge amount you've set. If the balance is well below the threshold we may need to charge the recharge amount multiple times until the account balance is equal to or above the defined threshold value.

    Here’s an example of how this works. Say you had a balance of $100, and you set the threshold value to $100 and the auto recharge amount at $20. If the account balance went down to $10 due to a one-shot spend of $90, the account would be auto-recharged $20 five times to bring the account balance above the threshold value of $100.

    If the first recharge attempt fails, Plivo will wait and try to charge the card again when the balance falls to 75% of the threshold balance. If that recharge attempt fails again, we'll try again when the balance reaches 50% and 25% of the threshold value defined, and when it reaches zero. If we're still unsuccessful and you have a zero or negative balance, you will no longer be able to use any Plivo functions.