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  • Can I reply to customers who have opted out?

    When mobile subscribers send a "STOP" message to your Plivo number, they're considered opted out. Plivo will automatically block any subsequent SMS messages sent to these phone numbers. If you attempt to send messages to an opted-out customer, they'll fail and return error code 200.

    After receiving a "STOP" keyword from a customer, you can acknowledge their opt-out status by sending a single SMS within five minutes of receiving the keyword. However, this is the only message you can send to opted-out customers.

    Plivo provides a default "Do Not Disturb" (DND) feature for long codes and toll-free numbers in the US and Canada, which can also be extended to short codes. To set up DND for short codes, please reach out to Plivo support.


  • What keywords trigger the "Do Not Disturb" (DND) feature?

    Plivo recognizes the following keywords for opting out:

    • STOP
    • END
    • QUIT
    • CANCEL
    • UNSUB
    • STOP ALL

    These keywords are case-insensitive, and even variations like "stop," "Stop," or "STOP" will trigger the DND feature.

  • How can I ensure my messages adhere to DND regulations?

    Include clear opt-out instructions, like "Reply STOP to opt out," in every message. Monitor inbound messages regularly for customer complaints, and ensure that you're messaging only those who have explicitly opted in. You can also refer to our best practices guide for recommendations on message content.

  • Can my customers opt back in after opting out?

    Yes, your customers who have opted out can opt back in by sending an "UNSTOP" or "START" keyword. After receiving one of these keywords, your Plivo number can resume sending messages to that customer.

  • Does opting out from one number affect messages from other numbers in a 10DLC campaign?

    Yes, in the US 10DLC system, opting out from one Plivo number within a campaign will opt the user out from ALL numbers associated with that campaign. For instance, if a customer opts out of Number A under Campaign X, they will also be opted out of Numbers B, C, and D linked to that campaign. This is designed to protect consumers from unwanted messages.

  • How do I enable DND for short codes?

    To enable DND for your short codes, reach out to Plivo support. Our team will guide you through the setup process to ensure your short codes are DND-compliant.