Bitrix24 Integration


Sign up for a Plivo Account

When you sign up with Plivo, you will start with a free trial account to experiment with and learn about our services. This free trial account comes with free credits. If you wish to continue with our service, you can add more credits and purchase a number by clicking here. Add a number and credits to your account to start testing the full range of our voice and SMS service features.

Sign up here to get your free Plivo account today.

Follow these steps to successfully sign up for a free trial account:

  1. Sign up with your work email address
  2. Check your inbox for an activation email from Plivo. Click on the link in the email to activate your account.
  3. Enter your mobile number to complete the phone verification step.

Create a Bitrix24 account

You can signup/login to your Bitrix24 account from here.

Install Plivo Application on your Bitrix24 Account 

Once logged in, you can refer to the below GIF/instructions to install the Plivo app on your Bitrix24 account. 


  • Search for Plivo on the Applications page. 
  • Install Plivo by clicking on the Install button. 


Once installed, you will be redirected to the Plivo Application page. please enter your Plivo Auth ID, Auth Token details, and Sender ID details. Save the details and click on the “Test SMS” button to validate the integration. 


Please Note that Sender ID refers to the Source Number. You can rent a Plivo US/Canada number from here if the destination number is a US/Canada number.   

Test and Validate

Once you are done with the implementation, you can test the setup from the “Test SMS” page. You can trigger a test SMS by entering the Destination Number and Message Content. 


  • You can trigger bulk SMS [to multiple recipients] by simply providing a list of destination numbers separated with the delimiter ‘<’. (e.g. 14156667777<14157778888<14158889999).
  • Bitrix24/Plivo integration currently only supports Outbound SMS.
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