What are the benefits of adding a short code to my Powerpack?

Short codes are the product of choice when it comes to scale and delivery rates. Combining them with Powerpack enables you to run multiregion SMS campaigns and also reach networks not supported by your short codes.

Running multiregion SMS campaigns

Short codes are country-specific and can send messages only to countries for which they are provisioned. When sending messages to multiple countries, Powerpack defaults to other numbers in your number pool if no short code belonging to the destination country is added to the Powerpack. This provides a seamless flow of outbound messages.

For example: If you have a US short code in your Powerpack and want to run a campaign spanning the US and Canada, Powerpack will use the US short code for your US traffic and will use long codes in the pool for Canadian traffic.  

Reaching networks not supported by your short code

Even though short codes can reach most destination mobile networks, some networks may not support them. In these instances, Powerpack intelligently defaults to using other numbers in the pool. 

For example: Suppose you're sending messages to destination networks C1 and C2 using Powerpack. C2 is not supported by the configured short code. Powerpack will use long codes in the pool to send messages to the C2 mobile network and use the short code for C1.

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