How does Powerpack's Local Connect region-based source number resolution work?

Local Connect is designed to make message communication personal by ensuring that messages get sent using a local phone number with the same area code or regional prefix as the destination number whenever possible. Here's an example that illustrates how it works.


Suppose you’re sending an SMS message to a San Francisco number beginning with area code 415:

  • If a phone number with prefix 415 is present in the number pool, Powerpack will use it to send the outbound message.
  • If a phone number with a 415 prefix is not found in the number pool, or if all the phone numbers with a 415 prefix in the pool have already been used to recommended capacity (150 messages per day), Powerpack will deliver the SMS message through any other phone number in the same region as the destination number (in this case, California).
  • If no phone numbers in the same region are found in the Powerpack, the message will be sent via a random US phone number.
  • If no US phone numbers are found in the pool, the message will be sent via a Canadian number.
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