Introduction to Powerpack for SMS and MMS

The US and Canada heavily regulate SMS and MMS messages that are sent using regular 10-digit phone numbers (a.k.a. long codes). Long codes, however, remain the medium of choice for most businesses seeking to engage with their customers via SMS. Long codes add a personalized touch to a conversation and are relatively easy to procure, which is why they remain popular with most Plivo clients. 

To make SMS and MMS communication using long codes effective and reliable at scale, you can use Plivo's Powerpack feature. It's designed to meet your SMS and MMS throughput and volume requirements, regardless of scale, while keeping you compliant with the best practices laid out by the CTIA. Powerpack keeps you compliant with the CTIA's per-day and per-second throughput limits by automatically distributing your SMS and MMS traffic across a pool of source numbers. Adhering to the CTIA's best practices has a direct positive impact on delivery rates.

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