What is T-Mobile non-use fee for 10DLC numbers and what are Plivo’s recommendations?

T-Mobile encourages customers to send all A2P messages over 10DLC numbers. To reduce misuse of this process, T-Mobile has introduced a $250 fee for any active campaign that has not been used to send traffic to T-Mobile users over a 60-day rolling period. The first rolling period started on December 1, 2022, and the first assessment was done on February 1, 2023. If any of your campaigns have not sent traffic to at least one T-Mobile user in the preceding 60 days, you will be charged this fee.

You can identify campaigns that lack linked numbers or have no usage towards T-Mobile destinations by exporting this information from console.

To avoid incurring this fee, Plivo recommends the following:

  • If you intend to register a campaign, or keep one you’ve already registered, you should have at least one long code associated with it and send traffic to T-Mobile destinations. (You can use our Lookup API to determine which carrier any given number is associated with.)
  • If you no longer intend to use a campaign, you should unlink all the numbers from the campaign and then deactivate it. You may not deactivate the brand for future usage as brand has no recurring fee associated with it.
  • If you send very few messages from a campaign and wish to continue using that campaign, ensure you send at least one message to a T-Mobile destination each month.
  • Perform a monthly audit of your messaging usage and proactively unrent numbers and deactivate campaigns that you longer intend to use.
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