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Recharges and Credits

  • What is the minimum amount I can charge to my Plivo account?

    To use all the Plivo services without interruption, you need to upgrade your free trial to a Plivo Standard account. You can do so with a minimum recharge of $25 once you have added your card.

    To set up auto-recharge on your account, read this guide and learn more about account thresholds in this guide.

     Please check here to learn what payment options are available at Plivo.


  • How do I add a card to recharge my account?

    To add a card to your Plivo account, visit your dashboard and click on "+ Add Credits"

    Please make sure to enter the exact card details as per your bank records.

    In order to use Plivo’s full suite of services, upgrade from a free trial to a Standard account. You can do so by completing the minimum recharge of $25.

    You can set up auto-recharge in your account to avoid having to manually recharge or constantly monitor to your account credits. You can also set-up a threshold amount from the dropdown menu: