MMS in Powerpack

Send MMS vs SMS in Powerpack API

The procedure to initiate MMS using Powerpack is similar to the traditional SMS route, with a few minor changes. In order to Send MMS using Powerpack, replace the src parameter in the JSON body to powerpack_uuid and provide the Powerpack UUID to be used in order to send out the messages.

The Powerpack should have at least one MMS long code / toll-free number associated with it in order to Send MMS using Powerpack.

MMS Number Addition in Powerpack:

Long Code Number 

For Powerpack to identify your long code number as MMS, long code phone numbers have to be added as a MMS Number. This can be achieved by using the command “argument service = mms”. Please refer to the Plivo API Reference Doc for more detail.

Toll Free Number 

Some toll-free numbers are capable of both MMS & SMS. Upon adding these numbers to the Powerpack, our system automatically identifies the number type and will utilize the toll-free number for both MMS / SMS numbers. If the toll-free number is capable of only SMS, then the Powerpack will utilize the toll-free only for SMS messages, and not for MMS messages.

Sending MMS using Powerpack:

Example from Postman:


CURL Request Snippet:

curl --location --request POST '{{Auth_ID}}/Message/' \
--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
--header 'Authorization: Basic xxxxxxxxxxxxxx==' \
--data-raw '{
  "powerpack_uuid": "{{powerpack_uuid}}",
  "dst": "{{destination_number}}",
  "text": "This is a Sample MMS using Powerpack",
  "media_urls": ["{{media_url_1}}", "{{media_url_2}}", "{{media_url_3}}"],
  "media_ids": "["{{media_id_1}}", "{{media_idl_2}}"]",
  "url": "{{callback_url}}",
  "type": "mms",
  "log": "true"


What happens if my Powerpack does not have any MMS numbers?

When a Powerpack is used for sending out MMS, it must have at least one MMS number in the Powerpack. If the given Powerpack does not have any MMS numbers, then it will fail to utilize a source number from the numberpool, which will in turn cause your MMS message to fail, so make sure to check before sending.

If sending MMS fails at the API level, you will receive the following error: Your message could not be queued at this time. If the problem persists, please contact

What happens when the default Powerpack is enabled but I try sending MMS with an SMS number from Powerpack?

If your Powerpack has an MMS number, it will be identified and used to send out the message.  If the given source number does not have MMS capability, then the MMS will fail.

What happens if I give an invalid Powerpack UUID while sending MMS?

If you give an invalid Powerpack UUID, then sending MMS will fail at the API level, with the following error: Your message could not be queued at this time. If the problem persists, please contact

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