Sending and Receiving MMS Messages

You can send and receive MMS messages in the US and Canada by using an MMS-enabled Plivo phone number. Plivo offers MMS-enabled long code phone numbers only in the US and Canada. 

Supported media types for MMS

MMS-enabled Plivo phone numbers support common image file types PNG, JPEG, and GIF and dozens of other image, audio, and video formats.

Sending MMS messages

Plivo supports sending MMS messages only within the US and Canada. International MMS messaging outside these two countries is not yet supported. 

Sending MMS messages is as easy as sending regular text messages. All you need to do is make an HTTP POST request to a message's resource URI and specify an image URL in the media_urls parameter.

You can specify multiple media_urls parameters if you wish to include multiple images in one message. Check out our API documentation for code examples.

Receiving MMS messages

If you own an MMS-enabled phone number, your phone number is capable of receiving MMS messages from US and Canada long code phone numbers. Make sure your number is configured to receive messages.

Plivo phone numbers cannot receive messages from short code numbers.

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