What do the different MMS delivery statuses mean?

There are three main stakeholders in the MMS flow:

  • Customer — responsible for sending messages
  • Plivo — responsible for processing and forwarding the messages to the downstream carriers
  • Downstream carriers — responsible for delivering the messages to recipients

The delivery status for a sent MMS message is visible within the message detail record or callback response. Delivery status can change depending on the updates that Plivo gets from downstream carriers. This table shows the different statuses and what each one means. 




The message was received by Plivo and will be sent to downstream carriers.


The message was successfully sent to the downstream carriers.


The message could not be sent.


The message was delivered, to the best of Plivo’s knowledge.

Messages are marked delivered by Plivo when we receive a delivery confirmation from downstream carriers. In cases where Plivo doesn't get a delivery confirmation from downstream carriers, messages remain in sent status.


The message was not delivered.

If you see failed or undelivered messages, you can check the error code in the delivery report for more information.


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