Troubleshooting quality issues on a call

If you’re having call quality issues, try troubleshooting the issue by following these steps. If none of these efforts improves the call quality, please open a ticket with the Plivo Support Team. 

  • Check your internet connectivity and make sure you are using a congestion-free network if you are using Plivo endpoints to make or receive calls.
  • Check whether your device’s microphone & headset are working fine.
  • Check if there is enough bandwidth on the network for your call. 
  • Check if the bandwidth available is enough for the number of simultaneous calls happening on the network.
  • Are voice packets prioritized over the data packets? If not, for better call quality we suggest prioritizing voice packets over data. 
  • Are the endpoint users running any other applications or websites that are consuming the available bandwidth?

Check these features, and the issue is still not resolved, contact Plivo’s Support Team so that we can help you troubleshoot and improve the call quality.

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