Why should I authorize Plivo to view my SMS content?

Authorizing Plivo to view your SMS content helps our customer success teams debug content-related delivery issues for your account. 

Messages can be marked as spam by network carriers for many reasons. Content policy violations are among the most common reasons why a carrier will flag your message. Plivo’s customer success team can help avoid having messages marked as spam by:

  1. Suggesting changes to your SMS content to abide by regional content policies. 
  2. Helping you find a better-suited SMS product for your SMS traffic (long code, short code, toll-free, etc.)
  3. Raising issues with our downstream carriers to fix unexpected delivery failures.

You can withdraw your consent at any time by visiting your Plivo console and reviewing your SMS settings.

Note: Outbound and inbound SMS messages for which log redaction has been requested are not visible to customer success teams regardless of this preference.

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