What are the different SMS statuses in Plivo?

Outbound messages

Your outbound message could be listed as queued, sent, failed, delivered, or undelivered.

  • All outbound messages are initially queued as Plivo accepts the message and attempts to send the message to a carrier.
  • A message is marked as "failed" if an internal error occurs before the message is passed on to downstream carriers. The user will not be charged for a failed message. 
  • A message is marked as "sent" when the message is successfully passed on to a downstream carrier. The user will be charged for sent messages.
  • The message is marked "delivered" or "undelivered" based on the delivery receipt received from the carrier. The user will be charged in this scenario.

Note that delivery receipts are not universally supported across countries, number types, or mobile networks. The final status of a message may remain “sent” in cases where delivery receipts are not received. Delivery reports are not supported in the US and Canada due to federal regulations, hence it's always good to consider sent + delivered as delivered.


Inbound messages

Your inbound message will be categorized as received, delivered, or undelivered.

  • All inbound messages are initially marked as "received". 
  • If the Plivo phone number that received the message is associated with an application, and the application has a valid message_url configured, then the message will be forwarded to that URL. The message is marked as delivered following a successful response from the message_url; otherwise, it will be marked as undelivered.
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