How can users opt in to receive messages in the US?

Carriers provide support for various methods through which opt-in consent can be obtained from users and followed up with further communication. In this section, we will discuss these support categories and the best practices associated with them.

Verbal Opt-in

In certain use cases, opt-in consent can be obtained through a verbal opt in, which occurs during a voice call. To ensure compliance with carrier regulations, it is essential that the call be recorded at the point where the user provides consent. This recorded consent can be produced in the event of an audit or information request.

For added security and compliance, Plivo recommends implementing a double opt-in process in this scenario. Here's how the flow works:

The business initiates a call to the user to request consent for receiving messages. This call is recorded and securely stored by the business or brand for future reference.

In addition to the verbal consent, the user is asked to send an opt-in keyword, serving as a confirmation of their consent.


Plivo's Customer: [Brand Name]  "Thank you for opting in to receive informational messages. Please respond with 'YES' to proceed further. Message and data rates apply. Text HELP for assistance and STOP to opt out of receiving messages."

End client: "YES"

This robust double opt-in process ensures strict adherence to the opt-in flow, mitigating any potential concerns in the future.


Web Form

A seamlessly integrated form on the business’s official website invites users to input their phone numbers and willingly subscribe to receive messages from the organization. It is imperative that the web form complies with established guidelines and incorporates the following essential components:

  • A selectable checkbox that enables users to grant their consent.
  • A direct link to the Terms and Privacy page, ensuring transparency and legal compliance.
  • Clear disclosure of pricing information.
  • An indication of the expected message frequency.

In the event that the opt-in screen is not publicly accessible and requires users to complete a sign-up or sign-in process, kindly provide a snapshot for reference purposes. 

A check box is recommended to collect consent for Web opt-in due to regulations prohibiting forced opt-in by carriers.

Here is a sample opt-in screen for reference

Screenshot 2024-04-01 at 7.43.22 PM.png

Paper Form

Individuals provide their consent to receive messages through a physical or paper-based format. They indicate their willingness to receive messages, whether they are informational updates, marketing materials, or any other type of communication. 

For instance, consider a scenario where a patient visits a doctor's clinic, completes a comprehensive form, and provides consent to receive messages pertaining to their medical records.


Text / Keyword

Opt-in keywords afford users the opportunity to subscribe to SMS marketing messages from a brand by sending a specific keyword via text to their designated number. Brands have the flexibility to choose their desired keyword and configure the process meticulously to ensure the precise capture and processing of opt ins for subsequent message distribution.

It is of utmost importance that Plivo customers maintain strict adherence to carrier guidelines and ensure that consent is duly obtained from the user before initiating any communication. Failure to do so may lead to an audit and potential suspension of traffic. Review our Best Practices for A2P Messaging in the US for additional information

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