How can I configure CNAM lookup on my phone numbers?

You can enable and disable CNAM lookup on US phone numbers rented from Plivo on the console or via API.

Account-level default configuration

On the console, go to Phone Numbers > Settings to choose whether CNAM lookup is enabled by default. This setting controls whether lookup is enabled for newly rented numbers.

Configuring CNAM lookup on the console

When renting US numbers, you can enable or disable CNAM lookup. Visit Phone Numbers > Buy Numbers to rent new phone numbers and select the configuration you want. If you choose to skip configuration, the default CNAM lookup config will apply to the number.

You can update the CNAM lookup setting on your US phone numbers by ticking the selection box in the right-hand column of the Active Numbers page, then clicking the Choose Action drop-down and selecting Update CNAM Lookup.

Configuring CNAM lookup via API

Use the cnam_lookup parameter to configure or update CNAM lookup when renting US numbers. See our documentation on the Buy a Phone Number API and updating an account phone number.

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