What is the 10DLC campaign vetting process?

Long code messaging in the US now requires businesses to register brands and campaigns for 10DLC. Carriers vet those registrations in an industry-wide effort to reduce spam and unwanted messaging and thereby improve trust in the SMS messaging channel. For an overview of the registration process, refer to our documentation

As part of 10DLC registration, you need to create campaigns for each of your use cases, which Plivo then submits to TCR and carriers for review. 

The carriers conduct a review for each campaign by examining the submitted details (such as use case description, message flow, and sample messages) to determine whether to approve the registration. While under review, campaigns are reported to be in “processing” status. 

If the carrier rejects a campaign after review, we change the status to “failed.” You may resubmit campaigns by updating existing information and/or providing additional information required by the carrier. For best results, follow our registration guidelines.

If a campaign satisfies the carrier’s criteria, we change the status to “approved.” At that time you can link phone numbers to the campaign for messaging.

How long does it take for a campaign to get approved by carriers?

All campaigns are manually reviewed by carriers and various aspects of the campaigns are examined closely. Campaign reviews now take between 1-2 weeks. If one of your campaigns gets rejected and you're required to submit additional information, it will take the same amount of time to get the campaign approved.

Is there a fee for campaign vetting?

Starting February 1, 2023, carriers began charging Plivo $15 for every campaign vetted, and Plivo passes that fee along to our customers without any markup.

If your campaign gets rejected, you can work with our support team to understand the reasons and resubmit the campaign for review. Each submission will incur a $15 fee; to avoid additional fees, follow our guidelines before your initial submission. Plivo cannot guarantee that carriers will approve the campaigns upon resubmission.


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