Mobile SDK

What language can I use to write applications using mobile SDK?
You can build iOS apps using both Objective-C and Swift with our iOS SDK. Android apps can be built using both Java and Kotlin with our Android SDK.
What devices are compatible with Plivo Android SDK?
Plivo Android SDK supports any devices running Android version 6 and above.
What devices are compatible with Plivo iOS SDK?
Plivo iOS SDK supports iPhones/iPads running iOS version 8 and above.
What app permissions are required to use the Mobile SDK?
The Mobile SDK requires permissions to enable the device microphone.
Are there any examples to get started with Mobile SDK?
Yes. You can find Mobile SDK example apps for iOS here and for Android here.
Where I can find logs of the calls made using Mobile SDK?
Currently, we only support log creation during the development phase of the app. You can find logs in Android Studio logcat for Android and Xcode console l...
Are there any developer tools present for Plivo Mobile SDK?
You can use Plivo Mobile SDK with any developer toolkit. Developers usually use Android Studio for Android and Xcode for iOS app development.
Which dependency management system support do Plivo Mobile SDKs have?
iOS SDK uses Cocoapods as the dependency management system, whereas the Android SDK uses Gradle as the dependency management system.
Does Plivo iOS SDK support CallKit framework?
Yes. You can easily integrate the CallKit framework using Plivo iOS SDK APIs. For more information, see our reference guide for CallKit integration.
How do I setup Push notifications with Plivo Mobile SDK?
Mobile SDK uses the Apple Push Notification Service (APN) and Google Firebase Cloud Messaging(FCM) to deliver incoming call notifications. For more informat...