Free-trial accounts and Sandbox

Free Trial accounts lets you try out international voice calls and SMS to regular phone numbers. How to get Free Trial Account? If you’re new to Plivo, you just need to sign up. If you already have an account, you just need to log in. Sandbox Numbers: For security reasons, Plivo Trial account users can only send sms text messages and make phone calls to phone numbers that have been verified with Plivo. Phone numbers can be verified on the Sandbox Numbers page : 1. How to Sandbox a number? a. Login to Plivo account at b. Click on the account then click on Sandbox Numbers or click on the link: c. Click on "Add Sandbox Number" d. You will be navigated to the verification page, enter the valid number in the right format & click on send verification code. e. Once you receive the code on your number enter the same in your account to verify the number and start testing our services.

How to get Free Trial Account?
When you signup to Plivo, you are eligible for the free trial account with some test credits. Also, you have an option to sandbox the numbers for testin...