Will I be charged for using PreAnswer?
No, there is no charge when you use PreAnswer as the call is not answered.
Where can I see Plivo’s SMS and Voice Call pricing?
You can view all SMS Text Message, Voice Call, and Phone Number rental pricing on our pricing page. Note that voice and SMS usage fees may require addition...
How much am I charged for call forwarding?
In call forwarding, there are two legs to each call: The inbound leg from the caller to your Plivo number. The outbound leg from Plivo to the number you...
How do you round minutes for billing?
Your account is billed for calls on a per minute basis.  For example: if the call duration is 2 minutes and 45 seconds, Plivo will bill you for 3 minutes
Do you offer volume pricing?
Yes, Plivo does offer volume-based pricing. Please contact us to learn more and be sure to mention your use case (e.g., SMS notifications, voice conference...
How does Plivo charge for its services?
Inbound and Outbound Voice Calls: Charges incur per minute upon call connection. Per minute pricing also varies among countries and can require an additiona...
Do I have to pay for using my applications?
Plivo does not charge for using your applications. You can create an unlimited number of voice and SMS applications. Plivo only charges for usage and ph...
Where do I get the complete list of Plivo’s Voice and SMS pricing?
You can download (in .CSV  format) all the inbound and outbound pricing for both voice and SMS on the pricing page.