Yes. Plivo supports the ability to add BYOC phone numbers to your Plivo account via API or Console. 

BYOC, or Bring your own Carrier, numbers i.e. phone numbers procured from other carriers, can be added and configured on Plivo by following the below steps: 

  1. Navigate to BYOC tab under Phone numbers product on Plivo Console.

  2. Incoming Carriers: Add a new “Incoming carrier”. Here you add information about the carriers from which the incoming calls on your BYOC numbers will be received from:

    1. Name: A friendly alias. 

    2. IPs: List of comma-separated carrier IP addresses from which the calls on your BYOC numbers will be received. IP ranges and subnet based configurations are not currently supported. 

Note: All inbound calls received on your BYOC numbers, which are from IPs not in this list, will be dropped.

  1. Add Numbers: Add BYOC numbers in your account. The following information is required to add one or more BYOC numbers in your account: 

    1. A list of comma-separated BYOC phone numbers.

    2. Number Type: Can be Fixed/Toll-Free/Mobile. This helps Plivo correctly configure the numbers when it shows up in your phone number inventory. 

    3. Alias: User-friendly name to identify these numbers uniquely in your Plivo inventory. 

    4. Subaccount: The sub-account you want to associate this number too. This field can be left blank in which case the phone number is associated with the main account. 

    5. Carrier: The incoming carrier, created in step 2, you want to associate with this phone number. 

    6. Region: Region information of the phone number that helps Plivo correctly configure this phone number. You can later use this region information to filter out phone numbers rented to your account. 

    7. Application Type: Plivo application to be associated with the Phone number.


Once added successfully, BYOC numbers will start showing up in your phone number inventory and can be checked on console here. You can receive inbound voice calls on these phone numbers. Inbound SMS and outbound services are not supported. 

You can also add BYOC phone numbers via API.