This guide will break down the steps you need to take to forward a message received to your Plivo phone number using PHLO.

  • Create a PHLO to forward incoming SMS using the Send SMS node as shown below:


  • Rename the node to Forward_SMS. You can rename the nodes as per your requirements. We are using specific names in this example to help you understand the different nodes and their place in the process.

  • Next, configure the Send SMS node to configure the From and To numbers. There are two ways of setting up the From field:

    1. {{Start.sms.from}} (dynamic)

    2. A valid number (static)

Note: When you set the From field as {{Start.sms.from}}, this attribute takes the actual source from the message that was received on the Plivo number. However, if the source is a shortcode that is not rented in your account, forwarding the SMS to your handset will fail. To receive a message on the handset from a shortcode, it must be rented to your Plivo Account.

  • The SMS Message can be static or dynamic. In this example, we will use the dynamic approach in the Message field.

  • Click Validate to save the configurations for the node.

  • After you complete the configurations, click Save. You can attach the PHLO to any SMS-enabled Plivo number to test it out.

Note: Using a Plivo number in the From field is recommended for this use-case irrespective of the source number.