You can include line breaks in your messages sent from Plivo. You may need to encode the line break \n in your code.

curl -X POST<auth_id>/Message/ \
  -u <auth_id>:<auth_token> -H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
  -d '{  "src" : "14845355114", 
  "dst" : "14845355111"  , 
  "text": "Here is my first line\nHere is my second line" 

This example sends an outbound message from the sender (484) 535-5114 (+14845355114) to the recipient at (484) 535-5111 (+14845355111), and includes the following message:

Here is my first line
Here is my second line

  • Line 1 update with your Auth ID
  • Line 2 update with your Auth ID and Auth Token
  • Line 3 update with a valid sender/from number
  • Line 4 update with a valid destination number
  • Line 5 update with the desired message text