Similar to SMS, you can send MMS message requests to Plivo at a rapid rate, as long as the requests do not surpass Plivo’s default API concurrency limit of 100 simultaneous requests. There are, however, limits to how quickly Plivo can send messages into the carrier networks. This guide is intended to explain the outbound MMS messaging rate limits.

MMS Rate Limiting for Long Codes

Plivo has two types of rate limits for sending MMS messages: long code phone number level and Account SID level.

  • Long code phone number: A rate limit on each Plivo long code phone number to keep you in compliance with carrier regulations, and  reduce the risk of  messages getting rejected by carriers.

  • Plivo Account ID: A rate limit on each unique Plivo Account or sub-account protects our network performance, and helps to ensure fair service across all customers.
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