We are constantly working towards expanding our phone number coverage to new countries and phone number types. To ensure that all Plivo phone numbers meet our high-quality standards, we have a multi-step phone number onboarding process that includes several rounds of internal and real-world testing. The “Status” of a phone number indicates where the phone number is in the onboarding process.

During the first step of onboarding, a new phone number goes through rigorous internal testing where the quality of the number is measured across the different quality metrics. In this phase of testing, the phone numbers are not available to customers for purchase.

If the phone numbers meet Plivo’s quality standards, the numbers are marked as “Preview”.

Each phone number may have one of the following statuses indicating their current onboarding stage:

  1. Preview

  2. Beta

  3. General Availability


Phone numbers with “Preview” status are made available to only a limited number of customers on-demand. We constantly monitor these phone numbers as they might experience connectivity and quality issues. 

When these phone numbers have satisfactorily met our quality standards for a limited number of customers, they are moved to “Beta” status.


Phone numbers in “Beta” status are available to the majority of our customers through Plivo Console, APIs or on-demand. These numbers are relatively new on our platform and have passed all internal testing, but are yet to be tested with real-world usage.

General Availability

Once we receive a significant amount of traffic on a phone number which is in “Beta” status, it is moved to “General Availability”. We maintain a stocked inventory of such phone numbers ensuring our customers can buy these numbers at any time via Plivo Console and APIs.

You can check the status of a phone number on the Coverage page.