What is a DID?

In the telecommunications industry, DID stands for Direct Inward Dialing also known as DDI Direct Dialing Inward in Europe. It is a feature offered by carriers or the telephone companies for usage with their customer’s PBX (Private Branch Exchange) system, wherein the carriers assign a variety of phone numbers related with one or more phone lines. DID lets an establishment allocate a personal number to each employee, without the need for a physical phone line to connect to the PBX.  This way, telephony traffic can be split up and managed more easily. Callers who have this direct number can bypass the auto attendant, allowing them to directly reach the person assigned to that extension. This makes telephone service more cost effective for your business.

Setting up your DID at Plivo

To set up your DID at Plivo, create an Application by visiting the Application Page and click on New Application or by using Plivo’s Application API.

To know in detail about the application creation and assigning DID to the application, please refer to this article.

In case of any queries, do contact our support team for assistance: https://support.plivo.com/support/home