There are two ways in which a number can be searched and purchased

  • Through the Plivo dashboard
  • Using Plivo number renting API

To rent a number from the Plivo dashboard, follow the below steps:

  1. Navigate to buy number tab from Plivo account.
  2. Search the number by Country, Prefix, Location.
  3. The numbers can be filtered based on functionality like SMS, Voice or Both.
  4. Numbers can also be searched by filtering by the type of number Local, Mobile, Toll-free.
  5. Click on Buy number and the number is added to your account.

Note: The activation requirement for a number, if any, will be populated at the time of purchase. 

Couple for things to be noted during number purchase:

  1. Every number listed will have the functionality (SMS/Voice) mentioned right next to the it along with the pricing that can be reviewed before renting a number.
  2. Once the number is rented to Plivo account, this can be found in Your numbers tab on the Plivo dashboard. 
  3. To rent numbers through Plivo number renting API, please click here.
  4. There is no limit on the number of Plivo phone numbers you can rent from your account, provided there is enough credits in your account to rent the numbers.

Numbers are subject to availability and if you are unable to find a number of specific prefix or location, you can create a ticket with our support team.

To know more about how to procure a number through Plivo's rent a number API, please click here.

Do contact our support team in case you have any queries.