All toll-free phone number porting requests must be made by the subscriber of the toll-free phone number. Simply put, Plivo (i.e., the new carrier) submits a porting request to the current carrier with the appropriate ownership documents from the customer making the request. 

Below is the porting process in detail:

Step 1: Reach out to Plivo

Raise a toll-free porting request through the support portal.

Step 2: Collate Required documents  

If the toll-free phone numbers are portable, then Plivo will request the following documents from you. Please ensure that all documentation have the same name and address. Any discrepancies may cause delays and even application rejection from the losing carrier.

  • Signed Letter of Authorization (LOA). The LOA Template for toll-free phone numbers is attached below.
  • Recent Invoice from the previous Service Provider which proves the ownership of the number or the Customer Service Record for the Phone Number. For VoIP numbers including Google Voice, Skype, etc., you may not be able to obtain a CSR or invoice as proof of ownership, therefore please provide a screenshot of the account page with your name and the phone numbers you wish to port in question visible along with your LOA. 

Apart from these documents, kindly share the below details on the ticket raised:

  • The Plivo Account email that you would like the phone numbers to be ported to. 
  • If this is a Wireless Port, then please include the wireless account PIN/Passcode.

Step 3: Plivo submits the request with the Gaining carrier

Once we receive all the documents from you, we will submit the porting request to your current carrier.

Step 4: Response from the carrier

Upon approval, your current carrier will release the number to Plivo and maintain translation for some time (3 to 7 Business Days). During this period your calls would still be handled by the previous carrier.

This transition period would be used to set up the Toll-free number with Plivo routing. Once the number is set up correctly, it would be added to your Plivo account to attach an appropriate application.

Previous routing and translation would be dropped within 24 hours once the customer has assigned the correct Plivo Application on the Toll-free number and confirmed this change on the porting ticket.

Incase the port request is rejected, we will have to raise a new request with the carrier and follow the 4 Step process that might take 10-15 days.

To know the possible rejection reasons of a port request, click here.

Do check the FAQ's in case of any queries. 

If you have any queries, please reach out to our Support Team.