Sender ID is the alpha name or alpha-numeric name or number which appears on the mobile phone as the sender of an SMS (It is used to identify who's sending the message to the recipient). Sender ID can be a number (i.e. a Mobile Phone Number) or alpha term such as PLIVO, PLVSMS.

Sender ID is useful in uniquely identifying your business and helps with brand recall amongst your customers.

To check the list of countries that support Sender ID, Please click here.

  • A Sender ID is specific to a country and if it is dynamic for a particular destination then it does not require pre-registration.
  • For destinations where the Sender Id is not dynamic, pre-registration is required with the respective carriers of that country and Plivo has to comply with all the regulations of the carriers. 

If the destination towards which  you intend to send messages does support Sender ID, then you can have your account whitelisted for sender id by reaching out to our Support Team.

To have the Sender ID whitelisted for your account, kindly reach out to our support team with the following details:

  • Purpose of the sender ID: 
  • Use case: Transactional (send verification codes to our customers. The code is used to verify the phone number and as an initial password to log in to the personal account on our website)/ Promotional(offers, marketing,etc.)
  • Sender ID: min. 6 - max. 11 characters (could be alpha/alpha-numeric/numeric without any spaces/punctuations)
  • Destination: Top five countries except for US/Canada where your traffic is anticipated to be high
  • Company Name:
  • Sample message content: The message contents that will be sent. Eg. Your Verification Code is: XXXX (where XXXX is a random numerical)
  • Company website:
  • Sender ID Expansion: For instance, Plivo for PLV

Note: Plivo will validate the above details for all the destinations that support sender id regardless of it being dynamic or not before your Plivo account is whitelisted for Sender ID.

After the validation, if the there is any pre-registration required for the destination that you intend to send messages to, our Support team will initiate the registration process. 

This might take some time and timestamp depends on the destination country. Also, please note that the sender ID might get altered based on the country/carrier regulations and restrictions and the sender ID registration may involve pricing based on the destination country.

In case you face any issue, please contact our support team for assistance: