A sub-account enables hierarchical management of your resources. That means, having an account within the main account.

This helps in distinguishing between multiple sub-organization. In case you have multiple departments in your organization and would like to distribute the numbers and applications individually, the rather than creating a new account you can go ahead create a Sub-account.

Why a Sub-Account

  • A sub-Account allows you to distribute phone numbers and applications without causing any confusion.
  • Recharging every sub-account individually will not be necessary as the credits from the main account will be deducted for usage and number rentals.
  • A unique Auth ID and Auth Token for every sub-account to distinguish the API requests.
  • Unique Sender ID can be whitelisted for each sub-account.

Note: There will be only one Invoice generated at the end of every month as the credits are being deducted from the main account and not from every sub-account.

Each sub-account can trigger messages and calls by making use of the unique Auth ID and Auth Token.

Create a Sub-Account

A Sub-Account can be created in two possible ways

1. Through API

2. From your Plivo console.

To create a sub-account through the console, you can navigate to Sub-Accounts tab.

When you click Add new sub-account,  a pop-up will prompt you to enter the name of the sub-account. 

Note: The sub-account can only be used if it's enabled. 

You can name a sub-account as per your choice. And if you no longer wish to use the sub-account, then these can be deleted from the Plivo console itself.

Note: A sub-account does not have separate log-in credentials. The credentials for the each sub-account are different and can be found once logged into the Plivo account.

 Do contact our support team for assistance: https://support.plivo.com/support/home