For every number that is purchased from the Plivo console, a monthly recurring fee/rental is charged.

There are two different types of fee involved for each number:

  • Set-up fee: One time fee that is deducted when a new number is purchased. This may not be applicable to all the numbers
  • Recurring charges: This is the monthly rental of the numbers

You can find the recurring charges and the set-up fee right next to the number:

Plivo number are classified in 3 categories:

  • Local
  • National
  • Toll-Free

The numbers are charged based on the number type and the region. To know the pricing for numbers of various regions, navigate to the Pricing on your Plivo account.

You will be charged on the first of the month for all the numbers rented in your account.

Note: The recurring charge/Monthly fee is separate from the usage charges.

In case you face any issues or have any queries, please contact our support team for assistance: