A recharge can be initiated on the account from the Payments tab on Plivo console.

To be able to make a recharge on the Plivo account, you will first have to add the card. Once the card addition is complete, additional recharges can be triggered on the card.

The minimum amount of recharge that can be initiated is $25.

When the account balance reaches zero you will not be able to use Plivo’s APIs to make calls or send messages. However phone numbers are not removed from the account right away.  

Recharges can be triggered:

  • Manually: By triggering a recharge from Plivo console every time
  • Automatically: This can be done by choosing the "Auto recharge" option under the "Payments" tab. For this option to work, you need to select a threshold amount and a recharge amount. When the account reaches the threshold amount, a recharge of the selected amount will be triggered automatically

To know how Auto-Recharge works, click here.

In case you face any issues or have any queries, please contact our support team for assistance: https://support.plivo.com/support/home