Plivo offers a free trial to all customers who sign up. This trial account includes free credits which lets you try out Plivo voice calls and SMS capabilities for free. 

However, there are certain limitations on a free trial account. To overcome these limitations, you will have to upgrade your Plivo account to standard.

To upgrade your Plivo account to standard, a minimum recharge of $25 needs to be done.

Mode of payment accepted at Plivo:

  • Credit card/ International Debit card
  • Wire Transfer

Note: We do not support PayPal as of now.

Addition of Card

Follow the below steps to add a card to the Plivo account:

1. Navigate to the Payment section on the Plivo dashboard.

2. Click on Add card, a pop-up appears where all card details including the entire address needs to be updated.

Note: The entire address has to be entered in the address line filed including the city and state details.


The details are to be entered same as the one in record at the bank. Once the correct details are entered, the card is added.

In case you face any issues or have any queries, please contact our support team for assistance