How does auto-recharge feature works?

If you have enabled auto-recharge, the card tries to make a recharge whenever the account balance reaches a threshold value. The amount deducted is in the multiples of charge value to bring the account balance back to/above the threshold value defined.

In case, the auto-recharge attempt failed when the account balance threshold is breached, we will try to make further attempts to charge the card at: 75%, 50%, 25%, 0% of the credit balance threshold value defined. This includes the negative balance in the account, i.e., if the balance reaches negative amount, in that case also, the card will try to make the recharge.

Note: The number of attempts will not be more than 5 in order to avoid any multiple recharges or blocking of card.

What are the caps in the above logic?

We have multiple caps designed in the system like 75%, 50%, 25%, 0% of the credit balance threshold value defined. Whenever, the amount in your account falls below either of these caps, then an auto-recharge would be triggered from your card.

For example, let us say, the balance has come to 80% of your threshold amount, it would trigger a recharge when he amount reaches 75% of the amount. 

Please refer for details on how to setup auto-recharge or click here to enable it on your dashboard.

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