In case you do not wish to make use of your Plivo account, you can close the account from the Plivo Console, as outlined below:

Note: Any Plivo account can be closed by the owner alone.,

The owner of the account can navigate to the account profile section on the Plivo Console and click 'Close Account'.

When the user clicks on Close account, a pop-up prompts them to enter the credentials of the Plivo account. This is to confirm that the account closure request is authorized.

Note: This process is irreversible and once your Plivo account is closed the following actions are taken:

  • All Applications, phone numbers, endpoints, and logs are permanently deleted
  • Credits remaining in the account will be refunded back to your card within 20 business days.
  • Credits in trial accounts will not be refunded.
  • Users invited to manage the account will not be able to access the closed account anymore.

Once a Plivo account is closed, the user will no longer be able to signup using the same email and phone number associated with a closed Plivo account. The user will require a different email and a phone number to create a new Plivo account.

Note: Plivo is legally required to retain all identity & address proofs provided by customers, email and phone number information even after the account closure.

Do contact our support team for assistance: