Update [May 17, 2019]

Verizon has pushed ahead the launch of its new A2P Long Code SMS product. 

We are awaiting further information from Verizon on the revised rollout plan. 

We had earlier communicated that Plivo will be applying a carrier passthrough fee of USD 0.0025 per message unit on your Longcode SMS traffic towards Verizon subscribers starting May 27th. 

Plivo shall not be applying this fee starting May 27th if the Verizon rollout is delayed beyond this date.

Original Communication [May 10, 2019]

Long Code is the industry term for regular 10 digit SMS enabled phone numbers. Long Code SMS in US was originally designed as a Person To Person messaging route to facilitate two way conversational use cases involving actual people. 

However, Long Codes today are the phone number product of choice for companies of all sizes looking to reach out to their end customers with important notifications and promotions. 

The industry has taken note of this reality and operators in the US are now in the process of launching dedicated Application To Person (A2P) routes for Long Codes. These routes are expected to be similar to the traditional Short Code A2P routes in regards to deliverability, scale and reliability.

The first among them, Verizon, is slated to go live with its A2P SMS service (called 10DLC A2P SMS) on May 12, 2019. Verizon intends to charge a surcharge fee of USD 0.0025 per message unit sent to its subscriber base for this service. 

Plivo expects delivery rates to improve and filtering to reduce on SMS messages sent to Verizon over the new A2P route. All Plivo Long Code phone numbers will route messages to Verizon via their new 10DLC A2P product. 

Starting May 27, 2019 Plivo will be passing on the USD 0.0025 carrier surcharge fee levied by Verizon to you as is. This surcharge will not be eligible for any concessions or discounts.

Other mobile operators like AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile are expected to launch their Long Code A2P products before the end of this year. We expect them to apply an additional surcharge fee similar to Verizon's.

Kindly note the information in this article is based on the most recent information available to us. However, the industry is in a flux and things seem to be changing by the hour. We will be updating this post as and when we have updates.


What are Long Codes?

Long Codes is the industry term for SMS enabled regular ten digit phone numbers. Example: (415) 111-1111.

What is P2P and A2P?

P2P stands for Person-To-Person messaging. P2P SMS traffic is expected to be conversational, balanced and at a scale indicative of typical human behavior.

A2P stands for Application-To-Person messaging. A2P SMS traffic is application generated communication. Some examples of A2P messaging are System Generated Alerts & Reminders, 2FA OTP Messages, Promotions & Offers.

Why is A2P SMS via Long Codes a big deal?

Contradictory to its original purpose, Long Codes have found the most adoption for use cases that fall under the A2P category. This has led to an environment where businesses using Long Codes for SMS are directly at odds with the mobile operators with respect to the type & scale of traffic being sent over Long Codes. The end result is an unstable SMS implementation with unpredictable delivery rates and excessive carrier filtering.

Now that A2P Long Code SMS is here, we expect things to change for the better. Business will be able to use Long Codes for high volume A2P use cases while enjoying consistent delivery rates and improved overall reliability.