Plivo’s message delivery monitoring systems evaluate the delivery rate of inbound messages every 15 mins. This data is then compared with the average delivery rates of all the inbound messages in the last 7 days. If a drop of 15% or more in delivery is observed from the data, an email alert is sent the configured email address. 

For example: 

  1. At 13:00 Jan 10 2019, our systems calculate the delivery rate of the messages processed between 12:00 Jan 10 2019 to 13:00 Jan 10 2019. Let's assume the delivery rate calculated here is 78%. 
  2. This is then compared with average delivery rates over the last 7 days (Jan 4 to Jan 10 ). Say the average delivery rate from these data points is 95%.
  3. The drop in delivery rate here is 18% which is more than 15%. This will trigger a delivery degradation email alert to the configured email address.

Note: For inbound messages, an evaluation period is only considered valid if at least 10 inbound messages were processed during that 1 hour. For cases where number of messages are less than 10 no email alerts are triggered.