Sending SMS messages using regular 10-digit phone numbers (aka long codes) is heavily regulated in the US and Canada. Long codes, however, remain the medium of choice for businesses seeking to engage with their customers via SMS. 

The personalised touch long codes lend to a conversation, their price advantage, and the easy procurement process make long codes a natural choice for most use cases. 

To make SMS communication using long codes effective and reliable at scale, we’ve introduced Powerpack For SMS.

Powerpack is designed to meet your overall SMS throughput and volume requirements, regardless of scale, while keeping you compliant with the best practices laid out by the CTIA. 

By automatically distributing your overall SMS traffic across a pool of source numbers, Powerpack keeps you compliant with per day and per second throughput limits defined by the CTIA.

Adhering to these best practices has a direct positive impact on delivery rates.

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