1. Contact the gaining carrier and submit the porting request with the Plivo number you wish to port out from Plivo.
  2. The gaining carrier will validate the details at their end and then submit the port out request with our carriers.
  3. The Plivo support team will reach out to the customer the Plivo number belongs to and either reject or approve the request depending on the response from the customer.
  4. In case if there is no response from the customer within 24 hours we will be unable to reject the port out request due to the FCC regulations which states that if there is no response from the current carrier to the gaining carrier within 24 hours, the number gets ported out.
  5. If the port out request is approved by the customer, the number will be removed on the FOC date we get from our carriers. The reason the number is deleted on the FOC date is to avoid any downtime on the number.