Registering your sender id in advance increases the delivery rate of your messages and reduces the chances of getting blocked by carriers. 

  • You must have upgraded your account and have your account in good standing. This service is not available to customers on a free-trial account. 
  • Sender ID can be between 6-11 characters depending on the destination. 
  • Sender ID cannot contain spaces or hyphens. 
  • Sender ID cannot be registered for Promotional messages. 
  • Sender ID and the requesting email ( email registered with Plivo ) domain has to match for example if the sender ID is Plivo then the requesting email has to be
  • There can be cost involved in having the sender ID depending on the carrier.

What is the process of registering a sender ID?

  • In order to register a sender ID, the below details are required:

    • Sender ID requested

    • Business Reason for registering the sender ID

    • Explain the use case for which the sender id will be used

    • Destination Countries for which you need this sender ID

    • Your Company/Business Name

    • Sample message content

    • Your Company/Business website

    • Sender ID Expansion: For instance, PLVSMS for PLIVO SMS

Once all these details are shared with Plivo support, we get in touch with all the carriers for destination countries and work with them to register the required Sender ID. It takes approx 10-15 business days for the registration.

In some cases the registered sender id may be replaced during SMS delivery. Please raise a ticket with Plivo Support in such cases, with the details of the message to get this resolved.