Usage fees are billed on a monthly basis for messages that you send and receive through your Short Code starting on the date of your application approval.

Note: The Short Code setup process requires carrier approval and may take up to 16 weeks from the time of application. Also, carriers require leasing payments upfront with a minimum of 3-month payment intervals. If you signed up for 12-month leasing terms, then you will be billed for your rental fees every 12 months. Therefore, all Short Code fees (i.e., rental, setup, hosting, and carrier charges) are charged upon your application submission and you will be billed for your short code from the beginning of the application process onward. In the event that your application is not approved or delayed, we will work with you to edit or resubmit another application.

The monthly recurring fees are dependent on the type of Short Code you are renting. Please check our Short Code page for more details.