Plivo’s billing cycle for phone numbers is monthly and starts on the first day of a month. Plivo will charge 00:00 UTC of every month beginning. You will be billed for the number of remaining days of the monthly cycle.

When you purchase a number. There are two charges attached to it:

  1. Rental Charges
  2. Set-up charges

Rental Charges:

If you purchase a number, say, on 15th, Plivo will prorate the rent based on the remaining 15 or 16 days that you can use the number for in that month. If you cancel the phone number in the middle of a month, you will not get a refund for the amount you’ve been billed for that month.

Set-up Charges:

For international numbers in certain countries, there might be some fixed set-up cost which is incurred by carriers and is not pro-rated. You only need to pay for this once at the point of a purchase. 

You can check the set-up cost in the Buy Number tab in the Dashboard.