Below are the issues you may face while endpoints to make/receive calls.

  • Unable to login 

  • Unable to make calls

  • Unable to receive calls

  • Disconnection 

  • Call quality

Unable to login:

Make sure that you are using the precise credentials( to log in

Username endpoint field

Username: <25 Alphanumeric characters are allowed> + 12 digit number(added from Plivo end)

for example: <username> + 123456788910 (added from Plivo end) no special characters are allowed

Password endpoint field

Password can be Alphanumeric and it can also contain special characters

Character limit: 32 characters

Alias endpoint field

Alphanumeric characters are allowed, special characters are not allowed

Character limit: 50 characters

Unable to make calls/receive calls: 

as to make calls, You can use the direct dial app to make calls using an Endpoint.

Direct dial: PUT YOUR CALLER ID here 

You should have this URL as answer_url for the application that is assigned to the Plivo endpoint.


  • Check the session expiry time that is set up in the softphone or hardphone or SDK’s session timeout expiry

  • If everything is fine and if the call is not disconnected by the caller or callee, then please contact so that our support team can investigate the issue and assist.

Call quality:

VOIP call quality depends on below factors,

  • Caller and callee network connection

  • Local network setup

  • Caller and callee’s phone network

  • Headset

  • Plivo’s underlying carrier

Please check the factors which can be checked from your end and then contact our support team by writing to