You can record outbound calls at Plivo in two ways: 

Using record API:

The Record API can record live calls at any time during the call and returns the URL of a file containing the audio recording. This API also lets you stop the recording at any point. The ability to initiate and stop recordings can be useful support and sales calls where reviews can help improve business processes.

For more details: 

To get the callUUID of the live call so as to record the outbound call, you can make use of these APIs 

Using Record XML:

The Record XML can be used to record the outbound call by having the XML appended in the answer_URL of the API call.

For ex: If your call flow is to bridge two numbers or endpoints and then record the call when the second party answers the call, then you will have to follow below steps.

  • API call: ‘to’ attribute will contain Number 1 


“from”: ”15551234535”,




  • When this party answers the call then the answer_URL will be executed. The answer_URL should contain below XML.


<Record action="" startOnDialAnswer="true" redirect="false" />    





  • In this way, the call can be recorded once the Number 2 answers the call.