You can make an outbound call using below API with the help of a REST Client


The auth_id can be procured from your dashboard

There are three mandatory requirements that must be met to make an outbound call

from (mandatory)  

The phone number to be used as the caller id (with the country code).For Example, a USA caller id number could be, 15677654321, where '1' is the country code.

to (mandatory)

Use the regular number(s) or sip endpoint(s) to make a call. 

Regular number must be prefixed with country code but without the + sign. For  example, to dial a number in the USA, the number could be, 15677654321, where '1' for the country code. 

Sip endpoints must be prefixed with sip: 

Example, sip: 

answer_url (mandatory)

The URL invoked by Plivo when the outbound call is answered.

To add additional options on the API, please refer